Monday, July 27, 2009

ATCs for trade!

Welcome every one! Please see my ATCs below. They are all up for trade and adhere to the standard ATC size of 3.5 by 2.5! If you are interested in trading with me, feel free to post a response, or email me at: and we'll set up a trade. You can always see my ACEOs at:

I also make custom ATCs... for samples of my work, please visit:


More ATCs coming soon!!! Check back often!

"Fall's Cadence". Collage, stamps, and a special leaf sticker combine to make this Autumnal ode to Summer passing...

"Beach Day". Collage, ribbon, glitter ink, stamps all work in tandem to make this summery, "beachy" ATC.

"Let There Be Light". Ink and bleach together create this amazine ATC representing when God spoke the world into existence.

"Persevere". This original Celtic illustration is done in pen and ink.

"New Addition". ATC made with ink and marker, inspired by the birth of my new baby boy!